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Established in 2013, Nordic Walk it! is now a thriving club supporting the Rutland, Stamford and Harborough communities, offering a high quality training programme and an extensive range of walks.

'Our aim is to make getting fit a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for all; making sure that we meet your individual needs and enabling you to achieve your fitness goals'

Your WALK LEADERS plan, assess and deliver walks.  All are first aid trained.

To contact them directly, please click on their names to email or text if a number is listed.

Jo Douglas, Qualified Instructor

Monday & Thursday walks, plus Purestretch Online

Including Sports, Wellbeing & Learners Courses and 1-2-1 Personal training sessions

Caroline Lammie

Tuesday and Saturday 

Rutland Walks

Graham Froggett

Monday Rutland Wellbeing Walks, Wednesday Blasts & Cover for Friday Stamford Walks

Trish Dickenson

Wednesday Harborough/Rutland Walks

Susan Thorp

Thursday Harborough Walks

Janet Williams 

 Harborough Walk Assistant

Helen Russell

Friday Stamford Walks