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Wednesday Sports : 7 - 8 pm - Rutland  : Focussing on Technique, Speed, Stamina and Endurance.  Contact Jo Douglas to discuss suitability.

We're currently taking a rest, but will be back soon!

Club Sporting Achievements 2019

Excel Challenge, Rivington, Lancashire, 12th October 2019

Well what another brilliant year, with our famous 5 (see below) not only achieving personal bests in the 5K British Nordic Walking Challenge series, but also being awarded the ‘David McCarthy Team of 2019 Award’ for outstanding achievement - WELL DONE all.   What will they achieve next year? And will you be joining them?
















2017 - 2018 - Currently being updated...

Being updated...


Racing Achievements wow 2016, what a year! 

Nordic Walk it! members have been recognised as the British Nordic Walking Series Champions for

  • Fastest 10K team 2016 and 2015  - congratulations to: Robert King, Dave Crooks, Mel Griffiths, Emma Chan, Jules Galbraith, Mal Walker, Sarah O’Boyle and Jo Douglas
  • Fastest 5K team 2016 - congratulations to: Caroline Lammie, Helen Russell, Jo Swain, George Shepherd, Sue Thorp, Diane and Robert Eagle
  • Fastest 10K (Robert King) and 21K (Mal Walker) men
  • Plus we all achieved personal bests

And here’s a lovely quote from Dr Catherine Hughes, Director British Nordic Walking:

Nordic Walk it! has consistently appeared at the top of the results, being the winning team for the 2016 5km and 10km and also Robert being the winner of the fastest man in the 10km series.  We love to watch your bright yellow shirted members striding out around the course and look forward to seeing you again next year.  
Have fun training over the winter and join us for the first event in Wollaton Park in the spring

Best wishes,

Dr Catherine Hughes, ,Director British Nordic Walking CIC, INWA National Trainer

10K Team 2016

5K Team 2016

with Dr Catherine Hughs 

A well earned rest!

What a race!

We achieved so much:
* Fastest 5K team for the 2nd time
* Fastest 10K Team for the third time, making us Challenge Series winners
* First showing of our second 5K Team who were the 5k runners up
* Three personal bests in the 10K race and 4 in the 5K race

And last but not least, we were crowned.....

British Nordic Walking Challenge Series Winners 2015

Plus we all had a great day out and met lots of other fantastic competitors.

Wow - well done everyone.

To become the British Nordic Walking Challenge Series winners, we won 3 out of the 4 10K races and clocked up the overall fastest times.


Rutland and Stamford’s ‘Nordic Walk It!’ group wins their
2nd National competition
6th September - Lydiard Park, Swindon

This time 14 of us went along, with a newly formed 5k team and the 10k team for the 2nd time - and didn't we have a great day!
We all travelled down on our hired mini bus, with the lovely Helen expertly driving us there - arriving in time for a quick warm up and the off. Boy didn't we walk!

We won: 5K & 10K fastest team, plus 10K fastest man - WOW! Total competitors 31 x 5k, 56 x 10K

The fabulous Nordic Walk it! Team

Next challenge:
Black Park, Buckinghamshire, 15 November 2015
- See you there!

Rutland and Stamford’s ‘Nordic Walk It!’ group wins National competition

We wanted to prove that Nordic Walking is a serious sport so 7 of us set about training. Our training consists of weekly meets to build stamina, focus on building all over strength and completing time and endurance challenges - it's hard, but great fun.

Our first event:  17th May  British Nordic Walking 10K speed Challenge at Wollaton Park, Nottingham on the 17th May. 

…..  We did it in style, not only winning the fastest 10K mixed team, but also the 1st and 3rd Fastest Man, 4th, 5th and 6th Fastest Female.  For full results visit British Nordic Walking events.



Time (hour/mins/sec)


Robert King



Dave Crooks



Jo Douglas



Mel Griffiths



Sian Cheverton



Caroline Lammie



Emma Chan



Our next challenges:  5 & 10 K at......

Lydiard Park - Swindon - 6th September

Black Park - Buckinghamshire - 15th November

Team Comments:

Want to try out for a place on our sporting team?Contact Jo Douglas 0794 93 92 018

Dave: "On completing the Nordic walk event in Nottingham it leaves feeling proud to be part of a very successful team. For me, a novice joining Rutland’s Nordic Walk it! Group six months ago, the training and preparation for the race was a wonderful, challenging enjoyable experience.  We were fortunate to have a very competitive team coupled with a strong and vibrant trainer/team leader. As for the competition it was nice to see how wide ranging the age group were and both sexes were well represented. "

Sian: "I've been Nordic walking for 9 months now. It’s been a great way to keep fit, and enjoy being outdoors with a friendly group. I didn't think about entering the races until Jo (our leader) encouraged me to try. It was certainly a challenge - not so much the distance but keeping going as fast as one could! I was certainly 'well walked' by the end, but pleased with my time - and very proud of the Rutland Nordic walk it's who won the 10k team award!  But perhaps the most impressive thing the range of people having a go - at one end of the spectrum there was the winner of the 20k race who seemed to glide along like a cross country skier, and 'our' Robert who won the 10k race with legs that go twice as fast as mine do."

Robert: ‘I started Nordic Walking as a new activity to complement my running, and found it a fantastic activity for general all-round fitness and a great way to socialise with others.  So when Jo said she was forming a team to enter a national competition, coming from an athlete’s perspective, I found the opportunity irresistible.  I have found it to be a really satisfying experience and am so proud that we won the best 10K team on our first race together"