Nordic Walking probably the best thing you'll ever do!

This fantastic activity uses specifically designed poles to enhance fitness levels, posture alignment, muscle tone and flow of movement. 

When done correctly, it engages 90% of major muscles, improves your cardio and burns 40% more calories for every step you take.

Once you've learnt the technique you are ready to step out and join our weekly walks.

TWO great ways to become a Nordic Walker:

* BOOK a 1-1 Personal Training Session on a date and time that suits, or

JOIN a Group Course (dates below)

Saturday, 27th April : 9.30 - 10.30 am Uppingham, Rutland

Friday, 3rd May : 11 am - 12 noon Burghley Park, Stamford

Key, is using the correct equipment and technique!

Through the personal guidance of Jo Douglas, your instructor, you’ll discover how to get the most out of Nordic walking.  She delivers fun and engaging sessions focussing on …

  • Correct movement & technique from the start
  • Matching the style of technique to both your ability and goals
  • Ensuring your poles are the right type and length for you
  • Making sure you engage the correct muscles and posture alignment
  • Adapting your technique to different terrains
  • Techniques for going up and down hills with ease
  • Propulsion for better pace, balance and calorie burn

LEARN to NORDIC WALKJoin a group course, or book a 1-1

What's involved? ....

Discover the benefits first hand Our 3-session course runs option gives you the chance to try before you buy. If you enjoy the first session, you have the opportunity to continue on the course.  If you don't, you stop here at no cost.

Next Courses:

Saturday, 27th April : 9.30 - 10.30 am Uppingham, Rutland

Friday, 3rd May : 11 am - 12 noon Burghley Park, Stamford

Go from strength to strength - Each sessions builds on your technique, stamina, posture and strength to support you to achieve your fitness goals

Complete your first walk - your final sessions gives you the opportunity to put your new skills to use & enjoy a full Nordic Walk with your Instructor on hand, to help you perfect your technique.

Cost: £45 per person

Interested? Email to Jo Douglas for more details and to reserve your place.

Can't make those dates? - Book private lesson, or forward your name for future dates

A great group experience, with the chance to try before you buy, learn and Nordic Walk it!

This offers a truly personalised service to help you conquer your fitness goals

Each session will be tailored to meet your individual needs and teach you to competently Nordic Walk and get the results you want from Nordic Walking.  

Ideal for anyone with health concerns, wanting to learn the technique quickly, or wanting to really push their fitness to new heights.

Book a time, date and location that works for you!

Cost:  £40 per hour for one person, £50 for two people.

Interested? Email to Jo Douglas to reserve your place