Nordic Walk it! - Why?

Lost without our poles

“We initially joined Nordic Walk it! as a means of keeping fit together, but soon found out the club had so much more to offer.  The excellent initial training and ongoing support and encouragement enables us to make the most of every walk, to the point where we now feel lost without our poles. 

Kevin & Jane

An important part of my life

“I’m a real fan of this club.  I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Nordic walking has been a real high for me. The regular exercise in such idyllic settings is a great combination. There is always another level to challenge yourself and the friendships that develop over the walks are a real bonus. Walking from Santiago de Compostela in June was one of the best holidays I can remember”   Joan

HUGE RESULTS for a MINIMAL INVESTMENT of time and energy

“Great value - as a busy person, Nordic Walking is a really rewarding way to use my time to stay fit, whilst enjoying the great company of others” 


Lifts my spirts and enhances my life

“Nordic walking tones the body and lifts the spirits. No matter how I feel at the start of any walk, I always feel uplifted and re-charged by the end”  


The boost to my confidence I needed

“Nordic walking has given me confidence in my own fitness, and helped my mind as much as my body.  It lifts my spirits on low days.  More importantly, walking with a group makes it a safe environment” 


Welcoming and supportive

“Jo is fabulous at making everyone feel at ease and you instantly feel part of the group.  No matter what level of fitness you are, there is a group for you where you will be helped and encouraged to challenge yourself to improve each week.”